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Food Properties Handbook, First Edition


Author: Mohammad Shafiur Rahman 
Publisher: CRC Press (1995) 

This book is the first definitive source of data on physical, thermal, and thermodynamic properties of foods. You can solve your problems in food processing, preservation, process design and control, product development, stability determination, and sensory analysis. With this important new book you can access both theoretical and practical data on properties measurement, discover how to apply the data to your specific problems, and make more accurate predictions.


Rewiewers' Comments on Food Properties Handbook 

..... This is a massive and authoritative work for a single author...... It would seem churlish to criticize such a comprehensive and scholarly work.... I would highly recommend this book to all those involved in the educational, scientific, technical, and commercial areas of food .....[International Journal of Food Science and Technology, Vol. 31(5)]

.....The definitions of properties and techniques, and the breadth of the references are impressive in all chapters ... [Food Australia, Vol. 48(8)]

..... What a huge amount of work by one person......... I consider it worth every cent .......if you are looking for an up-to-date book on physical properties of foods, this is the one for you .... [The Food Technologist, Vol. 26(2)]

...This book contains measurement methods, extensive data, and discussion of applications of several food properties ... an important feature of Rahman's book is the discussion of applications of a food property at the end of each chapter. ....it is a welcome addition to the relatively few books on properties of foods... [Journal of Texture Studies, Vol. 29]

......This is to congratulate to your most inspiring (regarding its organization) and impressive (considering its content) handbook of food properties. It will clearly have an impact on my way of future teaching of my thermal processing course.... Professor D. Knorr, Berlin University of Technology, Berlin, Germany. 


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