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International Journal of Food Properties


M. Shafiur Rahman 
Department of Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering, Sultan Qaboos University, P. O. Box 34, Al Khod 123, Sultanate of Oman
E-mail: Shafiur@squ.edu.om


Marcel Dekker, Inc., 270 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016, USA 

International Journal of Food Properties publishes original research papers devoted to all scientific and applied aspects of food properties. The emphasis is on measurement methods, development of standard materials, and data on food properties, predictions, and applications. Its aim is to bring together the widely scattered efforts in the area of food properties and provide an international forum for scientists and technologists for rapid dissemination of their research results, ideas, and knowledge. Other features are review articles, book reviews, letters to the editor, conference papers, news, and commercial advertisements. 

The food properties covered by this journal are: 

  • Acoustical properties 
  • Colorimetric properties 
  • Electrical properties 
  • Functional properties 
  • Mass transfer properties 
  • Mass-volume-area-related properties 
  • Mechanical properties 
  • Medical Properties 
  • Microbial death-growth-related parameters 
  • Morphometric properties 
  • Optical properties 
  • Physico-chemical constants 
  • Radiative properties 
  • Respiratory properties 
  • Rheological properties 
  • Sensory properties 
  • Surface properties 
  • Thermodynamic properties 
  • Textural properties 
  • Thermal properties 
  • Quality kinetics parameters 


Articles on applications of properties pertain to food product development, quality control, shelf life prediction, process and equipment design, marketing and distribution, or nutritional improvement. 




Authors are required to submit manuscripts in accordance with the version of author guidelines posted on the Dekker web site http://www.dekker.com/servlet/product/productid/JFP


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